July 2018

White blank notebook, coffee cup, plant, eyeglasses, cute cat on desk of home office flat lay

Blogging 101

Have you ever wondered about blogging? How do you start?

Join me as I talk about my first year of blogging: Tips, tricks, and lessons learned!

(You thought you heard all there was to hear in the Livecast this week…well, there’s more to it here!:))

Me and my shadow. Hello!

Oh. My. Dear.

Come with The Church Girl on a little journey to try South Korean skincare phenomenon.

See what famous celebrities are using before their Red Carpet walks to look their very best…on an average Joe like me! Will I end up looking like the Dragon Lady or like a Geisha? You’ll have to wait and see.

Pop corn

Many Flavors

“Long ago, the gods of yore bestowed upon the mortal world a kernel-borne treat that would change the lives of millions…this is that treat.” ~The Man Cub

Check out Part Two of my month of fun #newxperience with “Many Flavors”!