September 2018

Man at supermarket

Market Value

Randy and Elsie noticed the hives and dry skin from chemotherapy and how Baby Catie would scratch and bleed. None of the market lotions or creams worked – they made it worse.

Elsie started researching online and found that goat milk is the exact pH as human skin. This got her thinking, Could goat’s milk be the answer for Catie’s scratching?

When God gives you more than you can handle, what you do with it is up to you. So when I come across a story like Elsie’s, laced with sadness and tragedy, and the result is goodness and willingness to help others, it touches my soul. This is a story of Christ winning against all odds once again.

Hen in the meadow

ODE TO GRETA, the orneriest chicken

This year has been a heartbreaker.

You might not think you could get attached to chickens (I certainly would have never seen it coming!), but they are more like pets than producers for our family. In a span of two months, I lost three of my hens to gnat suffocation and heat stress. Here is Greta’s obituary.