About Leigh


Formerly, Leigh was a

Rear view of woman looking across city business buildings
So many people, so little time…
  • Top Pureflix Mommy blogger,
  • Magazine/Bible study/devotional writer, and
  • Multisite megachurch biblical research sermon assistant, stylist, and handler for preaching pastors, speakers, talent, and musicians on HD broadcast.

However, Leigh is also a

  • Neurodiverse,
  • Childhood S-xual Ass@ult,
  • R@pe,
  • Trafficking,
  • PTSD Trauma Survivor and
  • Military Academy Veteran

who walked through the Valley of the Shadow of Death and came out wiser, stronger, and more biblically sound. As a result, she’s an encourager for others’ biblical trauma healing. She has expertise in predatory grooming, biblical research, and de-escalation coping mechanisms for trauma and PTSD.

Leigh is NOT a therapist, doctor, or counselor. She doesn’t have degrees or certifications, but personal experience, solid biblical knowledge, powerful spiritual mentors, and regular accountability. She also maintains professional medical and mental health support.

At this time, Leigh does not do one-to-one mentoring but embraces and empowers trauma survivors, families, friends, church leaders, professional therapists, and clinicians through her speaking, writing, and teaching.

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About Leigh, the AUTHOR:

book cover for "She Seems So Normal: Shatter the Plastic Princess, Embrace Authentic Faith" is black with a shadowed mannequin head, golden punk rock crown and a quote from Francine River endorsing the book.
Filled with QR Codes linking readers to real-time help and support.

Her book, She Seems So Normal: Shatter the Plastic Princess, Embrace Authentic Faith (November 2022, Brookstone Creative Group) is endorsed by former mentor Francine Rivers and award-winning author Cheryl Grey Bostrom (Sugar Birds).  Catholic and Protestant church leaders, psychotherapists, doctors, child trauma specialists, social workers, recovery leaders, and survivors alike gave high praise for the book.

Like having coffee with your favorite friend, Leigh’s narrative documentary of trauma recovery reads like a BTS diary while addressing professional therapy and coping mechanisms, solid role-modeling support, and foundational biblical teaching. Authentic and sensitive not to trigger with details of her experience, she offers practical tips on how to heal from childhood abuse, neglect, and predatory grooming.

She Seems So Normal hit the top Amazon New Release and Bestseller charts for Abuse Self Help, Christian Self Help, Pastoral Care, Spiritual Biography, and other categories in its first month. Within 28 days of its release, the book received more than 50 written Amazon 5-star ratings, which is an unheard-of feat for a first-time author! Download Media Kit



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Welcome to my fancy recording studio… in my closet.
  • Her first podcast with Robin Wisner on Sacred Grounds (August 2020-March 2021) had 32 fantastic conversations.
  • Season One of the “She Seems So Normal” podcast has 60+ binge-worthy episodes.
  • SSSN has had THOUSANDS of episode downloads since its inception in April 2022.
  • SSSN has regular listenership in the U. S., U. K., Germany, and Ecuador.
  • People have listened to the story on FOURTEEN COUNTRIES on FIVE CONTINENTS.

You can catch Leigh (rhymes with “bee”) narrating and reflecting on her own trauma-healing journey, shattering the plastic princess, and embracing authentic faith on Season One of the “She Seems So Normal” podcast.

What will happen in Season Two? Conversations from her next book, Stories Not Shared on Sundays, with co-author Randy Petersen, of course! Download Media Kit


She’s also a BIBLE NERD AND WRITER. (Really… A Nerd!)

woman holding bible open to Isaiah 43
Isaiah 43… one of my favorites! (And yes, that’s a swallow tattoo xo.)

As the former sermon research assistant at a multisite midwestern megachurch, Leigh Mackenzie shared her love and talent by delving deeply into Scripture to extract original perspectives on teaching and personal application for her preaching team. Known as “The Church Girl Writes” (one of 2017’s Pureflix’s Top Christian Mommy Bloggers), her professional work regularly appeared in Christian Standard magazine. She has written on subjects ranging from child trafficking and church core values to thrift store ministry and the attributes of Hannah. Her Bible study questions for The Lookout magazine, one of the nation’s oldest Bible study guides for adults equipped leaders for ministry. She penned online communion meditations for Christian Standard used in service by pastors.  Her devotional material has appeared in The Upper Room.



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Who’s a good dog?

She digs leading worship onstage. She loves listening to audiobooks of inspiring thought leaders and creatives.

However, Leigh most delights in taking walks with her husband Christopher by the Chicago River with their rescue dogs, Scout and Louie. She’s also passionate about world travel, beautiful food & wine, and her deep dives into God’s Word. With their firstborn son in computer sciences at UIC and Ethiopian daughter attending high school in Chicago, the Mackenzies enjoy “Big City” living.

Leigh’s Superpowers: Vulnerable Honesty, Biblical Knowledge, Trustworthiness

Leigh’s Ministry Goals: Embrace, Encourage, and Empower trauma survivors to heal biblically, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.



Follow on IG xoxo_leighmackenzie and FB @LeighMackenzie and @TheChurchGirlWrites.