Allow Me To (Re-)Introduce Myself. I’m Leigh Mackenzie, The Church Girl Writes.

I don’t know if I’ve ever really put out a “get to know you” post about myself. So here goes. This is who I am and these are the things I stand on in ministry. If they resound with you, please subscribe and share the message.

we walk the path together, friend. (Photo: Aleesha Roach Photography)

You are seen and your life matters to God. You are made in His image. As a Christian writer and one of Pureflix’s top Christian Mommy Bloggers, I want you to know that you are not alone. With the Holy Spirit’s help, we can walk together through this #messylife as we follow Jesus.


What do you mean? 

I Want To Show Women
  • You are not alone in your #messywalk.
  • You are not disqualified from ministry, good parenting, or fellowship inside the Church because of your past sin.
  • Collaboration is better than competition inside of the Church. We all have an important role to play in the Kingdom’s mission. (Especially if you’re a mom!)
  • God’s Word is our No. 1 source of Truth.

Who Needs to Hear This? All Christian Women.

I’ll show you through Scripture and stories. Click HERE to get started reading other blogposts.


Been mistreated, humiliated, marginalized, or abused? Suffer from the Agony of Comparison?

Yep, been there and got first prize. Still working through it with the help of the Holy Spirit – to the glory of Jesus Christ. By the power of Christ and the Holy Spirit, I’m working to overcome my background in order to be the best Christ-bearer, wife, and mother I can possibly be for the kingdom of God.

Click on the link on the right to get a copy of my eBook, “7 Steps to be Set Free from The Agony of Comparison.”


Have anxiety, suffer bouts of depression, tormented by body dysmorphia?

So many notable figures in the Bible did. I have as well, and while I’m a work in progress, I am still getting closer to Jesus. (Click HERE to read more about those struggles. They might be similar to yours.)


Have you ever felt invisible, unimportant, or in the dark? 

Oh, heck yeah! What person hasn’t that served God diligently? Ask Mother Teresa. And it can be so crippling and self-defeating, can’t it? (Click HERE to read how God has shed some light for me.)

Ever felt all alone or like an outsider?

Click HERE for more on how the enemy of your soul works to make you feel that way, especially if you have the potential for a powerful testimony or are actively using your spiritual gifts.

What I want is for you to feel included in the body of believers, even if you’re not sure what it is you believe yet. So my job is simply to love others in Truth and show them the way to Jesus. Well… that and be a wife and mother!


You wanna have a little fun and humor, too?

Yeah, I got you covered. This life isn’t always about work and seriousness. I also love fashion and funny stories and every once in a while, my stylist side publishes “A Few of My Favorite Things” that you won’t want to miss! (Click HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE for some of those!)


What has Jesus done? Let me tell you what He’s done for me.

Jesus brought me out of a pit to which I had become a slave. He placed my feet on solid ground and He can do that for anyone who lets Him be her Lord and Savior. (Click HERE to read about it.)


Have you ever felt like Hagar?

The first name ever given to God was in the Old Testament by an abused Egyptian slave girl named Hagar as she was in the desert running away from her master. She thought she was all alone, that she didn’t matter, and that no one cared until God spoke to her directly about her past and her future. Then Hagar called God Almighty El Roi, “The God Who Sees Me.”

If God sees the slave girl,

(Read more about Hagar HERE.)
One more thing:

Your past does not define you – we all have one. What I want you to discover and consider is that who you were in the past is often who you can help the most now and in the future. I can help you with your #messywalk with Jesus.

It’s what we do with our present to change eternity that matters.


Even as a Christian writer, blogger, and Bible researcher, I have a #messylife; there’s no perfection here, Friend. I don’t claim to have it all together, but what I do is I keep striving to move toward Jesus. Sometimes I’ll face-plant and you’ll read about it or watch me struggle through it. This is the real, honest, struggle of being a Christian saved by grace through faith.