The path to Jesus is through devotion and suffering

Prophets and Martyrs

I may not have had the best male role models growing up but God certainly inserted one of the best I’ve...
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Pb PLUMBLINE: Or, How To Right Yourself With God OR How To Keep Your Faith From Blowing Up In Your Face.

Writing, research, and content focus continue on Stories Not Shared on Sundays (And Why We Feel Like...
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Books stacks on blackboard background

Parenting Across Generations: Raising A Fairly Normal Gen Z Son As A Semi-Dysfunctional Gen X Mom

From a chapter I wrote on Amos’ plumbline in Stories Not Shared on Sundays–How do we live...
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White Caucasian Adult Woman watching the Canadian Nature Scenery

Breakthroughs and Attacks

What does it look like to have a spiritual breakthrough in real life?
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In Concert

Music speaks to our souls, breaking down the hardness in our hearts. Many hands and sounds and talents...
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All it takes...

Before she was Wonder Woman, she was just Diana, princess of the Amazons. To anyone outside of Themyscira...
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USA Flag

"God Bless America"

The songwriter of "God Bless America," Irving Berlin, was a Russian Jew who immigrated to the U. S. in...
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Brown red free chicken in farm

The Chicken With (9) Lives

What can a chicken teach us about God? Here are six lessons that might surprise you.
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Purple cosmos with sun rising

Today Is The Day!

Today is the day. What a hopeful thought.  There is so much promise to this in so many ways. Friend,...
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