Empty ceramic dishes

Broken Vessels

Seeing these bowls nestled together on my counter was like the broken past mending itself in a split...
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Insects like grasshoppers shed their skin in summer with a new exoskeleton.


Cicadas and Cicada Killers: An Epic Battle--Life and Death
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Teamwork, concept, completing white puzzle together


Here's a short one... "Green."
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Mother and daughter hugging at home

Stair Hug

When your kids grow bigger than you, holding on and letting go are some of the hardest lessons of parenting.
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Mosh Pit

What ties do Jesus and The Church have with a punk rocker's mosh pit? 
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Close up multiracial black and white hands holding each other
Small beautiful legs of a newborn baby in the first days of life

Firstborn, Part 1

What does it mean to be Firstborn?
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Finger is pointing blue sky background

Firstborn, Part 2

What does it mean for Jesus to be Firstborn?
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What were your thoughts on the Eclipse this week? Here are a few of mine...
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