What's the point of having a God-given "Ability"? What do I DO with it?
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View of the city of Chicago through an old bridge


Written last week but perfectly suited for right now in light of the events in Las Vegas this week... What...
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Girl is holding semi precious stone

What would you do?

Imagine finding something unimaginably precious and special. What do you do with it?
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Such freedom!

Freedom is a State of Mind

Do we struggle with anger, rage, malice, slander and filthy language? Of course not...we just "know"...
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Woman hand holding cross crucifixion of the jesus christ at nature blackground

Colossians 3: The Five Vices x2

Colossians 3 slays me! #convicted
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Kindness Matters-Inspirational message, Kindness Begins With Me, written in pastel chalk on sidewalk
Dialogue box. Hand up. Speak up. Voice out. Vote. Choice. Survey. Feedback. Rating

Soundbites: The Not-So Tweetables

Ever have too much going through your mind? That's me this week. Here are the top soundbites coming...
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Chickens on the farm

Molting Season

Guess what? Chicken butt.
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Good Tiger 🐯

#nyfw2017 Say what??!? Read on, Friend. Read on until the end...
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