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How To Be Broken and Restored

What's crashing down on us this week is what led you to the cross.  You alone are my hope. It's in you...
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Girl in a lavender field

How To Fulfill Your Calling

This message might be a little frightening to read. I'm just warning you in advance... "How To Fulfill...
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How To Overcome Your Sins

"If something doesn’t change soon, the way you are living will quietly, inevitably, kill you..." This...
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How To Be What God Created You To Be

Have you ever realized you’re not being who God created you to be? Trying to be a one thing when you’re...
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Red heart.

Technology, Makeup, and Other Wintertime Delights: A Few More Of My Favorite Things

Yesterday, a girlfriend came up to me and gave me a high five for a product recommendation I made last...
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Woman Playing with Dog in Park

You Can't Pee On Every Tree (and other lessons I learn from my dog)

"You wanna go for a squirrel chase?" and every fiber of his seven pounds vibrates. Little brown eyes...
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Let’s be honest. I didn’t have a “word”or a goal for this year on January 1st, let alone a resolution....
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Wrapped three gift boxes on beautiful royal armchair indoors

Three Gifts

Paper and gifts flew everywhere! Greedy-grubbing is not what Christmas is all about, is it? How and...
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Something like happiness.

A Few Of My Favorite Things...

Christmas is coming! Maybe you're searching for thoughtful gifts or in need of something new in your...
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