Multiethnic friends helping hand outdoor, copy space

How To Help A Friend With Cancer: Best Practices and Ideas

When my friend was diagnosed with cervical cancer years ago, it was the first time I had tried to serve...
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Depressed millennial woman committing suicide by overdosing on sleeping pills, indoors

How To Write Through Suicidal Hopelessness And Come Out The Other Side Stronger.

Some days it’s hard to put on a pretty face. Tears welling up in my eyes make the mascara goopy instead...
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Young woman in a black leather jacket, sad and lonely in a dark room. Depression and grief

Finding Purpose Through Grief

Progressing deeper into the quarantine rabbit hole, I have been feeling a little off-kilter and wondering...
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Concept of Covid-19 treatment and prevention.

What Am I Learning From Coronavirus and #TheWorldTurnedUpsideDown

Quarantine got you down? Need a walk on the bright side? I've got you covered. Have a look.
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green palm leaf branches

How Can You Help Someone With Anxiety? Give'em a Toolbox.

Did you know that anxiety runs the gamut from Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) to panic attacks, and...
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Healthy breakfast

How To You Know If Your Roots Are Healthy

Whoop-whoop! Spring planting is almost upon us here in middle America. Farmers and backyard gardeners...
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Girl in a lavender field

How To Fulfill Your Calling

This message might be a little frightening to read. I'm just warning you in advance... "How To Fulfill...
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Concept of family, protection of family, family rights, family health

How To Overcome Your Sins

"If something doesn’t change soon, the way you are living will quietly, inevitably, kill you..." This...
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People, books and education concept - portrait of happy female student sitting with a book

How To Be What God Created You To Be

Have you ever realized you’re not being who God created you to be? Trying to be a one thing when you’re...
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