#idobible: Who is Melchizedek?

Hey, Friends! It's been a while since I've posted here on the blog. As you may know, my passion is...
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Notebook and pen on blue background

How To Blog (104): Resources and Social Media

You’re remarkable.  No, really. You’ve set up your website, maybe written your first blog...
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Close up view of young businesswoman using computer tablet and writing on empty notebook.

How To Blog (101): The Basics of Blogging

Why do I love blogging? Let me count the ways, Darling… As the Internet penetrates deep into territories...
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Mid-section of man doing technical drawing

How To Blog (103): The Technical Aspects

Welcome back, Champion! You’re back in the ring and I’m so proud of you. You didn’t...
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Notebook and pen on blue background

How To Blog (102): Three Major How-To's of Blogging

Today we'll spell out some of your biggest blogging questions: How Long, How Often, and How To Edit.
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Girl in a lavender field

How To Fulfill Your Calling

This message might be a little frightening to read. I'm just warning you in advance... "How To Fulfill...
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People, books and education concept - portrait of happy female student sitting with a book

How To Be What God Created You To Be

Have you ever realized you’re not being who God created you to be? Trying to be a one thing when you’re...
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Woman Questioning in front of a Blank Wall

?s For A Dead Author: James

If you could interview any dead author, who would you pick? Having written one of the most hotly contested...
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Woman Playing with Dog in Park

You Can't Pee On Every Tree (and other lessons I learn from my dog)

"You wanna go for a squirrel chase?" and every fiber of his seven pounds vibrates. Little brown eyes...
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