Hi! Remember me? Allow me to reintroduce myself...

Hi, remember me? It’s been a while. Allow me to reintroduce myself. I’m Leigh… …...
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My favourite musical group

A Few Of My Favorites Things, Part 2 (Christmas, 2020)

Recently, I featured gift-giving for the younger crowd (click HERE to read!), but this week we're gonna...
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Multiethnic friends helping hand outdoor, copy space

How To Help A Friend With Cancer: Best Practices and Ideas

When my friend was diagnosed with cervical cancer years ago, it was the first time I had tried to serve...
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Depressed millennial woman committing suicide by overdosing on sleeping pills, indoors

How To Write Through Suicidal Hopelessness And Come Out The Other Side Stronger.

Some days it’s hard to put on a pretty face. Tears welling up in my eyes make the mascara goopy instead...
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prayer for blessings to god Christian life Man sitting and praying for God's blessings for a better

How To Find Blessings After The Battle: Lessons Learned From Being Deleted On Instagram (Part One)

Have you ever worked hard for years on something and had it stolen or senselessly destroyed overnight?...
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Studying the Bible, reading the scriptures.

The CGW's Guide to Studying The Bible (Part Four): The Books of the New Testament

As part of the upcoming 25-week New Testament sermon series for church (we're studying a different book...
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top view of ground coffee in portafilter on coffee beans background

Coffee In A Quarantine

Great stories have been written in the midst of tragedies. War in a Time of Peace. Love in a Time...
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Concept of Covid-19 treatment and prevention.

What Am I Learning From Coronavirus and #TheWorldTurnedUpsideDown

Quarantine got you down? Need a walk on the bright side? I've got you covered. Have a look.
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Christian woman holds bible in her hands. Reading the Holy Bible on the sea during beautiful sunset

The CGW's Guide to Studying The Bible (Part Three): Using Online Resources and Commentaries

Do you long for greater understanding of Scripture? Do you need clarity about what you read in your...
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