Guest Authors

Christian life crisis prayer to God.

god Of My Own Making by Amy Mefford

Do you ever have a disconnect when you pray? Do you feel condemnation or like you're just drifting? You're...
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Multiethnic young women having fun together doing selfie outdoor - Diversity lifestyle concept

The True Cost of Diversity by Antoine Edmondson

I met Antoine Edmondson at the Mt. Hermon Christian Writers Conference last spring and asked him to write...
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portrait of smiling father and little daughter with backpack at home, back to school concept

School Supply by Jake Greving

What do kids need most to get ready for school this fall? The CGW is pleased to welcome back educator...
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Group of religious people in a church

Christian Parenting by Allison Harris

How do we raise our children to know and love Jesus? The Church Girl Writes is pleased to present...
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Mature Male Student Attending Adult Education Class

Christ in Education by Jake Greving

Continuing our short series "Jesus In Everything, Especially Eduction", my good friend, Assistant Principal...
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Another day put to rest in San Diego, California.

Another Day by Anna

This one just might floor you. I wish I had this lovely young lady's perspective in junior high school....
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Concept of important announcement with decorative megaphone

BIG News!!

No, we are not adopting again. Nor are we expecting. Unless, of course, God has a really "funny"...
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Young woman looking at reflection in window, outdoors

New Year's Reflection by Heather Kim

The Church Girl Writes is pleased to welcome back guest author, Heather Kim!
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Observing the sunset

A Journey To Finding God by Anel Conradie

"So, how do you deal with (tragedy) when you're in the most joyous season of the year? I have absolutely...
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