Into The Tomb: Good Friday

Dying for the swearing indigent on the street whose expletives stab my ears like daggers, He could give a sound mind and a BOLD testimony.

Dying for the hurriedharriedworriedmotherherdingheryoungchargeswhilepushingthestrolleracrossthewindsweptbeachwalk, He could give peace and calm and a breath between words.

Dying for the three-piece suited, glass tower executive who thinks the world is his oyster, He could give a way out of dirty dealings, shameful behavior and dishonest gains.

Dying for the strung out, higher-than-heaven-in-the-depths-of-hell heroin addict with that needle hanging from her arm, He could give a fire in her veins that is better than any earthly high.

Dying for the marginalized and harassed driven from their homeland, He could give shelter under His wings, and for those who accept Him wholly, a home in heaven.

Dying for the sneak-thief pickpocket who quickly lifts the shiny phone from the purse of a shopping passerby, He could satisfy every need, that emptiness he keeps trying to fill stealing other people’s things to sell on the street.

“Come to me all you broken and weary and I will give you rest.”

All the chances, the possibilities He “could” bring…we are The Indigent, The Harried, The Arrogant, The Addict, The Marginalized, The Thief.

What could He bring to YOU in this season?

Into the tomb a broken and dead body. Out of the tomb a resurrected and scarred life.

It’s Easter but we can take hold of Jesus each and every day.

#MakeEveryDayEaster #ResurrectionDay