How To Be What God Created You To Be

“Stop dulling yourself down for people who cannot handle your edge.”


I saw this graphic and it struck a chord. How many times have I tried to fit other people’s expectations of me?

There have been times when I have people-pleased so hard, I forgot I was a knife and not a spoon. But I just wanted to fit into what everyone else seemed to be doing, perfectly formatted to fit in… to the drawer space.

I made myself LESS how God created me to be instead of living in the freedom that His Son died for on the cross. In essence, I LESSEN WHAT JESUS DID when I don’t live in the fullness He promises! The thief steals and destroys, but Jesus came to give us life to the FULL. (John 10:10)

At times, I have apologized for being “me.”

how often do we try not to give people the full picture of who we are? do we dumb ourselves down, downplay our beauty, or dial down our laughter…

Sounds ridiculous,
Why do I
feel like I should
apologize for

Some people want me as a spoon 🥄, even preferring I act like one. But that’s just not how my King designed me to be. This knife was made to be sharp and have an edge, dividing God’s Word rightly and speaking the words God has put into her mouth for the edification of His people. And I know I need to live to please God and win His approval—not man’s. (Galatians 1:10)

So, here’s to the knives🔪, spoons 🥄, forks 🍴 and whatever other utensils we are. Let’s celebrate them all without requiring everyone to be exactly like us.

When we do, #godwins ♥️

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feature photo by Kim Harris