Split, Whole.

Named Yemariamwerk (Marigold). Now Bella (Beautiful).

She is quiet. And bold.

She is gentle. And stubborn.

She is brown-skinned. And white-familied.

She is Ethiopian. And American.

She is Haimonot’s baby. She is my daughter.

How do you resolve so much in one single child, she with her genetics in Africa but her home and family in the Americas?

So many questions, so many facets of one whole life.

She can become whatever, whoever she chooses to be. Only she will limit herself. Her future is open to endless, infinite possibilities.



How do we resolve that we are God’s chosen yet we are here on earth?

We are in the world but not of it?

How do we exist knowing we come from dirt but are headed for heaven? We are made from what is temporary but will one day be with Him who is eternal?

Endless, infinite possibilities.

The tension of being in Christ.

We are split yet we are whole.

Sustained yet resolved.


Fully human. Fully divine.

Wholeness of the Godhead. Yet one man.

Born on earth. Ascended into heaven.

Hero vanquishing enemy.

Seated at God’s right hand. His footstool, Earth.

Came in Flesh.

Now also Spirit.

He is Discernment. And Conviction.

He is Counselor. And Healer.

He brings Wisdom. And Truth.

Over, in and through all, having its being because of Him, held together by the power of His Word. Everything.

Chaos submits to Order.

Light dispels Darkness.

He is Alpha. And Omega.

He is Endless. And Infinite.

He is God.