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Author Francine Rivers

Harrowing to read at times, but also very healing – filled with instruction and encouragement. Even in the darkest times of our lives, God never lets go.

Dr. Michele Novotni

It’s been an honor and privilege to walk along Leigh for this part of her healing journey. I greatly admire her courage and trust in God to keep moving forward even when the path wasn’t clear or when it involved unpacking painful memories buried oh so long ago. Her bravery to face her fears with …

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Eulalia King

In excruciating honesty, Leigh Mackenzie exposes the deception of perfectionism in the body of Christ that threatens to rob the American church of the authentic, inexhaustible power of the Gospel to transform our broken souls into the wholeness Jesus lives to give. This work is profound.


It means so much to me to see someone with “a story” doing the things and having a beautiful family and life. It shows me it is possible to get to a real healed/healing point.

Gabby, 19

Leigh Mackenzie is on my Bada** Women list. She doesn’t fit into a mold; she’s special. Leigh’s a take-charge independent woman and accomplishes whatever she sets her heart on. She loves genuinely. A godly woman, she is someone to model my relationship with Jesus on. Leigh stands out because she lives authentically and shows all …

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Robin W.

Leigh is a shining example of spiritual grit and guts.