As an experienced therapist, I cannot recommend this book more highly as support and encouragement for those struggling to follow Jesus – whatever their circumstances. This story is only about overcoming sexual abuse and trauma; its also a heart-filled message for all who struggle with whatever life has thrown you.


May you be blessed by the reading of Leigh’s words – profound nuggets and powerful scriptures combined with candor and compassion.


Leigh Mackenzie is on my Bada** Women list. She doesn’t fit into a mold; she’s special. Leigh’s a take-charge independent woman and accomplishes whatever she sets her heart on. She loves genuinely. A godly woman, she is someone to model my relationship with Jesus on. Leigh stands out because she lives authentically and shows all different parts of her awesome self.

Gabby, 19

Leigh is a shining example of spiritual grit and guts.

Robin W.