What Am I Learning From Coronavirus and #TheWorldTurnedUpsideDown

Covid-19, you have taught me so much. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. You’ve been a worldwide game-changer. The panic you have spread has allowed the human race to show its true colors and for us individually, you’ve given us an opportunity to show others around us where we place our faith.

 “Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful. And pray for us, too, that God may open a door for our message, so that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ, for which I am in chains.” (Colossians 4:2-3) (Photo Credit: Aleesha Roach Photography)

In addition to prayer, gratitude is the key to unlocking all sorts of God’s blessings at any time. As Christian, I am beginning there.

Thanks For The Winners

Although it pains me to read about the deaths, sickness, and fear you’ve wreaked on every continent, I am enormously encouraged by the courageousness of the doctors, nurses, scientists and other public health officials who are relentlessly hunting you down and trying to find a way, if not to eradicate you, to halt your spread so you cannot hurt one more person. This is the human spirit at its best. We’re gonna beat you eventually. Illness and death are a curse of the Fall, the playground of the enemy. By watching the fearless men and women working tirelessly around the clock to stop you, Contagion, I am thrilled to see so many people fighting for what is good and right.

I’ve loved reading about the kindness of people to complete strangers in spite of you. In our community, people offered to watch children of hospital and healthcare workers so they can keep serving to help those who are affected by you. There are posts online about people’s willingness to feed our at-risk students who might not be able to get breakfast and lunches now that schools are closed for the next two weeks or more. The friends I’ve encountered at the grocery store are still willing to receive offered hugs, not just fist and elbow bumps for now. That’s pretty neat, because while you’re working your hardest to get us to separate and be suspicious of one another, it’s not working.

Saddened By The Losses

On the other hand, I’ve been completely in awe of  how you’ve enabled mankind to become hoarders and stockpilers thanks to your fear-mongering. Toilet paper, water bottles, face masks stolen from hospitals… my goodness, Friends. Stop. Don’t let fear and Covid-19 make you bananas! There will be enough of everything for everyone if we don’t lose our minds and self-discipline. Enough of looking out for #1. That’s what a parasite does. Right, Coronavirus? It takes what doesn’t belong to it and infects, compromises, kills and looks for more resources and hosts to destroy.

Beloved, look to the affairs of others before yourself, otherwise, we all lose. There are compromised and everyday regular people who really do need what you’re taking and putting into a pantry for a later date. This is not the zombie apocalypse nor is it WWIII. Take what you need and chill, please. Don’t allow this virus to make you think of others as enemies anymore.

(While you’re at it, wash your hands and help kill this virus in its tracks.)

“She can laugh… ” (Photo Credit: Aleesha Roach Photography)

Thanks For The Humor

Now, I have to apologize. The more serious things seem to get with state and local quarantines, the more I get nervous, and the more I get nervous, the more I seem to need to laugh. I’m like that person at a funeral who suddenly gets giddy with the circumstances and knows it’s inappropriate and has to stifle giggles. (I know you more godly type people have never done this, right?) Honestly, what’s wrong with me? Can I get a witness?

And it seems the more stressful times become, the more stressed out people get around me, and the funnier things become (at least to me!). So, thank you, Coronavirus, for the bevy of constriction and emergency you’ve caused. I’ve been laughing often because of the memes and social media posts about the impending baby boom in December and the “Coronials” who will become “Quaranteenagers” by 2033 (yes, there are already hashtags for this all over Insta and Tik Tok) and cute kitty and chicken hoarder photos.

It reminds me of Proverbs 31:25: She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.” I know where my strength comes from and what eternity holds for me in Jesus. So I can laugh, because no matter what, I know my King. 

Looking In Anticipation

CV (we’re getting comfortably cozy here, aren’t we?), thank you for the terror you’ve placed in the hearts and minds of mankind because it’s really causing us to look outside of ourselves, our capabilities, and our lives to consider higher purposes. We’re having to think bigger now instead of plowing in the shallow furrows of our routines. I’m actually happy that we have to lay down “life as usual” and mix things up right now. We couldn’t have done it without you interrupting the status quo.

You’re completely jacking with church, too, but I’m fairly stoked to see how the Bride of Jesus Christ will respond and rise up to the challenge you’ve thrown down to try to keep us OUT of church. I’m excited to see how the people of the Church worldwide will

  1. Step up to minister and reach out to comfort those who are afraid or ill because of you,
  2. Step up our ministry levels of excellence and change long-held beliefs in how we serve,
  3. Encounter our faith in Jesus Christ in a real and apparent way in spite of you,
  4. Create brand new ministries that are birthed out of frustration, fear, and freedom, and
  5. Bring peace and hope, not just for here, but for all eternity for those who do not know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.


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