What DOG Teaches Me About GOD

God pulled a fast one on The Elder four years ago. He said we would never have another animal once our faithful cat, Giggs, died. Three years passed without fur nor feathers nor anything else except a few goldfish coming into our lives. God knew it was time.

Enter: “Poocheroo,” a two-year old poodle with a tough past but a cute bear face and spunky personality.  The Elder’s heart slowly melted as he struggled to decide if we could keep the dog.

You see, he is allergic to everything furry, feathery, basically whatever that could be considered a pet.  But this little doggeroo gave him neither sniffle nor sneeze, and he saw how much the kids and I loved him.  And so now this cute little canine officially became ours.

I believe God placed “Roo” in our lives at that time to show important truths to me about His character and my relationship with my Master.  I also believe that God gave me this puppy to lessen my serious side, to inject fun and mirth into my personality and daily life.

This is what DOG has taught me about GOD:

1. God loves it when we are eager to spend time with Him.

As soon as I am up with pup in the morning, I see his little tail shaking his whole body in excitement.  He licks me and stretches before we begin his walk.

Do I present myself like this before God in the morning when I worship Him?  When I do, I can feel his adoration; He is pleased I want to spend time with Him.

2. I exist by God’s Will.

It pains me to admit this, but I am one of THOSE people who cooks for her dog occasionally, feeds him scrambled eggs in the morning, and cooks up the gizzards and livers from the chicken for a little afternoon snack.  I hand-feed my dog with tasty bits of cucumbers, carrots and apple, and I also feed and water him every day.

God sustains me by His Word and with His love each day.  By His will, I have life and breath; He even numbers the hairs on my head.  He formed me, and He has a plan for my future. That gives me hope and purpose.

3. When I spend time with God, He rubs off on me.

Little pooch always loves to sit in my lap.  As I pet, groom, and snuggle him, my perfume often lingers on his fur.  You can smell me on him.  In a sense, he’s marked.

The more time I spend with my Father in His Word, in prayer, allowing the Holy Spirit to infuse my life, the more the fragrance of Christ lingers on me.

4. God really enjoys me.

I love watching Roo play.

He throws his own toys up in the air for himself to catch. When he has his “squirrel” he attacks it viciously, shaking it back and forth, imploring me to see how fiercely his tiny six-pound body could protect me from danger.

As anyone who has ever been a guest at our front door knows, this little guy barks and barks until you enter. He then sniffs to get to know you and usually does this thing where he “claps” his front paws again and again until you recognize him. If he really likes you, he runs to find toys to throw-and-catch or just to leave at your feet.

God loves watching me play–running about, interacting with others, being me in the way that He has created me to be. With no pretension, He loves the authentic, unfiltered me.

I never really knew just how much God actually delights in me until Roo came. If I haven’t learned anything else from my dog, I am more than blessed to know this one truth.

5. God is GOD.  I am DOG.

A good dog’s place is at “heel,” not running ahead of its master, barking madly at everything that walks by and getting tangled in the bushes. Sadly, that is a picture of me at times, and I am so thankful I have a Good Master! A good master puts time into his dog, training him up, encouraging, correcting, rebuking, disciplining.

My Good Master trains, encourages, corrects, rebukes, and disciplines me because He loves me. You see, sometimes I think I am in charge when I exchange being DOG for being GOD and it’s not just wrong, it’s completely sinful. Sometimes think I am “like the Most High God” and that is 100% pride. I have to confess, repent, and receive the forgiveness of Christ, remembering my place is not on the throne (thankfully) spinning the universe in place.

6. GOD :I: DOG

Ideally, DOG should be a reflection and a mirror of GOD in actions and ways, words and thoughts. We should be reflecting the Holy Spirit in our hearts outward to the waiting world.

I want to be this way with God.

 Lord, You are GOD; I am DOG.
Jesus, please don’t let me forget this today.

What do pets teach YOU about God’s character? I’d love to hear from you…