How Do You Know What To Do?

You know what to do. Really. 

What is God placing on your heart today? Do THAT. Live with no regrets…

Make that call.
they’re waiting
to hear your voice.

Send it. Yes, that
trust God,
even if you get a “no.”

Forgive the offense.
it’s not worth holding onto it.

Finish the set.
it’ll make you stronger.

Embrace that child.
cuz, why NOT?

Write the letter.
people need to hold your words.

Change your mind.
be humble.

Release your enemy.
let God deal with them; the burden’s too heavy to carry.

Begin that ministry.
Christ’s Kingdom,
with all the angels and saints,
are waiting!

Move into your calling.
don’t let fear hold you back anymore.

What is the Holy Spirit whispering in your heart? How are the Scriptures speaking today to you?

No matter what you do, take that first step toward God. It will be worth it.



What is God placing on your heart today?

Who do you know that needs to read this today?

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Sometimes it’s as easy as just doing it.