Upcoming Books

The Five Major Cultural Shifts for The Church to Embrace to Become Relevant

The Five Major Cultural Shifts for The Church to Embrace to Become Relevant with coauthor Randy Petersen. What obstacles are keeping people from the meteoric power and infinite greatness of Jesus? How will the corporate church need to change her leadership and communication styles and cultural constructs in a post-church, post-truth era to reach those far from God?

The Rest of the 23rd

The Rest of the 23rd goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. What happened after She Seems So Normal—the follow-up.

Hierarchy of Coping Mechanisms

“Hierarchy of Coping Mechanisms” from primitive (suicidal ideals) to most advanced (reframing). Continuing conversations about biblical trauma healing.

The Mess Behind the Mask

Every culture has a desire to cover who they are with something better, but something deemed beautiful in one culture is not the same as in others.

What fears keep us behind the mask in church?

Before we take off the mask, we need to have legs underneath us. Is it safe to remove? Can we stand without the mask?

What Happened When You Died

What Happened When You Died is another project about the best and worst funerals as told by pastors I know–without names to protect the innocent and not-so-innocent. It would include deathbed experiences (I’m thinking of interviews with hospice nurses or family members). This collection could become a resource for grief counseling, pastoral staff, and evangelism.

Parenting Across Generations: Raising A Fairly Normal Gen Z Son As A Semi-Dysfunctional Gen X Mom

From a chapter I wrote on Amos’ plumbline in Stories Not Shared on Sundays–How do we live as Christians in a rapidly-shifting landscape of ideas, beliefs, and culture to stand firm and keep from being toppled by idols or distractions? How do we set our focus on the right point so we don’t go off-course and cave to unbiblical, ungodly doctrine/theology?

We find the vertical line to God.

Pb PLUMBLINE: Or, How To Right Yourself With God OR How To Keep Your Faith From Blowing Up In Your Face.

Writing, research, and content focus continue on Stories Not Shared on Sundays (And Why We Feel Like Imposters In Church) with author Randy Petersen. This book is a study of various Bible stories, characters, and narratives in the Bible not normally preached in a 52-week sermon schedule. Paired with personal narratives and applications from various sources from modern-day to historical examples, this book will challenge our ideas on church transparency and acceptance of people’s difficult, messy issues through the examples of lesser-known Bible parts and others stories you’d never before now sharing on Sundays.