I had never seen this color of bowl before it was a part of the full set I bought. It’s color is so unique, it may be one of my favorites.

Have there ever been times, within moments of meeting another believer, that you just seem to “know” that person instantly? It seems your Spirit is entwined, even if you can’t speak the same language or communicate well. You are worshipping together and you just know…

Do you ever imagine that God is bringing people into our paths here that we’re going to know for all of eternity?

This often happens on short term mission trips, but it also occurs in every day life.

Ethiopia, India, Brazil, Turkey, Ecuador, Israel. In airports, malls, gas stations. He shows me all the bowls that are missing from the set will some day be reunited!

“Green.” I had never seen this color of bowl before I saw it in my set. In heaven (and sometimes on earth!), we will meet people who are part of the final assembly that we had no idea even existed, yet they fit perfectly. “…every nation, tribe and tongue…” (Revelation 7:9)