What is the dark in front of the light?

It’s an eclipse–the moon from the night.

Shadowy darkness, middle of day.

Crickets were chirping the things that they say.



What is the Dark in front of the Light?

Here is our sin, our weakness–our plight.

Shadowing heart, my mind, soul and strength,

Enemy works around us at great length.



Vanquishing Dark, shining great Light,

Now nothing eclipses the Christ from my sight.

Sin that was meant for destruction and harm

Was destroyed on that Cross, with His outstretched arms!



Into the Dark, pierced by the Light,

My King, My Savior, my white-shining Knight

How can You love me? Praise God that You do–

Praising You here, in eternity, too!

No matter how dark things seem to get in this world, Light is still shining! Even when the moon went in front of the sun, there was light behind it. The moon is so little compared to the giant-ness of the center of our galaxy–that fireball that is so perfectly set in the sky as to give us life. 

Can we consider our “moons?” What gets in our way of seeing Jesus clearly?

Friend, take heart!!! Remember that there is nothing that can ever eclipse God–there may have been what seemed to be a “complete totality the day of the Cross, but only for a little while! The Son rose again on that third day and has shined brighter ever since!