Explore Your Fields

Growing up in Colorado on 300 acres of practically unfenced, untouched land, our horses often grazed in the old homesteader’s apple orchard. More than anything, I loved watching them run into the big field.

One of my earliest, most striking horse memories was my Aunt Marlene holding me close in the saddle. At just three years old, I vividly recall Christy Clay, a red American quarter horse, trotting around the race track and the feeling of being so far from the ground and traveling so far. Feeling my aunt’s arm wrapped securely around me, I wasn’t afraid, but could certainly feel the power in that race horse as she carried us along.

There are still few things more beautiful to me than a horse running with powerful strides moving across territory and taking ground.elijah-hail-182441

There is a picture in my head from a conversation I had year ago with a friend. I recall telling her that God had a giant field for her, that she was like a horse itching to break free of her tethers, to explore the great wild expanse that He was placing in front of her. She had so many talents to offer but she had played it safe and became docile inside of the barn. Had she forgotten she was designed to run and explore the fields with all the strengths God had given her?

Come to think of it, had I?

Sometimes I wonder if God is saying to me, “Here is the field, Beloved. Run!” and I’ve been too afraid to step out of the safety of my straw-filled stall. What could happen if I trusted the Lord, believing that He will equip me with what is necessary, and I ran out of that corral into the acres and acres of territory that could be mine to cover in Christ’s name? He owns the field – everything is His under heaven – but He is giving it to me to run.

“Feel the muscles in your legs and neck…you are fearfully and wonderfully made! I gave you the sound mind of a champion – WIN for Me! Go, run, and explore this field. It’s wide open for a stallion like you! Stay inside my boundaries and test the extent of your strength.”

What would happen if we took everything He has given – all the gifts, talents, resources, circumstances and opportunities – and we used them to make Jesus known by our words and deeds?

This is what Scripture says:

“Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good…All these are the work of one and the same Spirit, and he gives them to each one, just as he determines.” (1 Corinthians 12:7, 11)

Do we have God-given skills that we keep buried, that are just waiting to come to the surface to sprout, grow and bear fruit? Do we have “the full message of this new life” that needs to be proclaimed and taught and shared “in the temple courts and from house to house” yet we keep it to ourselves? (Acts 5:20, 42)

We have circles of influence where we can either bless with the love of Jesus or curse and consign people to the dark because we remain silent witnesses not willing to offer the illumination of Christ. Are we blessed with resources to greedily consume and fill ourselves, or, can we use them to serve Jesus to reach The Lost and The Wandering for our King of kings?

 Ears forward! How far are you from stepping into the calling that God has for you? (Photo Credit: Soledad Lorieto)

What happens if you never run the field?

I wonder if any of us are just, say, 40 days from finding our purpose and calling…40 minutes…40 seconds…how long will we wait to step out of the barn and into the fields that God has for us?

How many times have we made excuses for why we cannot serve the Lord? Will it be 40 years? (Yep, those are Exodus references right there, Moses…)

What gifts, talents, resources or circumstances are we holding back from serving God? 

Here’s the kicker. When we are held back by fear, by the mind games of the enemy quietly lying to us that we have nothing to offer, we will miss the purpose and calling, and ultimately, the blessing God has for us.

You know what? He might just use someone else.

You know what’s worse than that? What you would have brought to the Body of believers never manifests itself, and so, what should have been a growing, thriving portion of the Church limps…then shrivels…then dies. The whole Body suffers. (1 Corinthians 12:26)

When YOUR gifts and talents and ministry are absent from the Church, we ALL miss out.

Now, expand your picture…

Maybe when others see us running unabashedly through the fields of calling, we give permission for them to do the same.

What would happen if the Church, the Bride of Jesus Christ, was filled with people moving forward in ministry areas as God called them?

What could the Church look like?

How would the World respond?

I believe that Jesus could come sooner as more people would come to know Him as Lord and Savior. The work of evangelism would be simple because the Church would be such an amazing place to be with everyone living and serving in the complete strength and capacity of Christ.

It would be wondrous to behold.

One last thought: A powerful horse covering ground and taking territory can take its rider much further than if he were on foot. Consider how much ground we each could take for Jesus if we trusted Him enough and we handed Him the reins.

How far could we carry our King? (Photo Credit: James Stronsky)