How Do YOU Wear A Church Tee?

That volunteer shirt. The series tee. AGAIN. You wear it week in and week out. How do you dress it up? Check out ways our people switched up their #WreckTheRoof initiative tees!1. Mixing up the classic tee and jean with Classic Chuck Taylors. (Tech girls are so cool!)

2. Green bomber jacket, rolled dark wash jeans, light suede tennis shoes, thumb ring, soccer-swag haircut and trimmed man-beard. (iWatch a must for every tech or media dude!)


3. Black cardi and ankle jeans, strappy shoes. (And that lovely ginger hair…wow!)


4. Dark wash skinny ankle jeans, ballet shoes, light chambray jean jacket. (Cute as a button. Knowing directions to the bathrooms helps complete the whole package, too!)


5. Sweet white, ripped jeans, blue VANS, an HD camera and headset. (Find your happy place – serve like Jazz!)


6. The Church Tee Two Ways: Jean-jacketed with black ripped skinny jeans and white KEDS OR Army-jacketed, light wash jeans, black ankle boots and cutie hat. (Nightingale voices included on these two!) #DayAndNight


7. Double denim, man-beard, accessorized with iPhone. (Definite cool points here, People!)img_2452

8. Sportin’ a fleece-lined zippy and rollover shoe.  (Not to mention a sassy, Jesus-lovin’ attitude and hairdo!)


9. Ahhh! We got to the duster sweater, skinny jeans and flats with fabulous earrings. (And a beautiful smile is always your best bet, too!)img_2468

10. How embarrassing when you show up wearing the exact same outfit your buddy’s wearing…#TWINKS! #GreatFashionMindsThinkAlike


11. Guitars🎸are king when it comes to accessorizing.

Just some fun with some of my favorite people…CHURCH people!

We serve together most every week, sometimes all services, helping people coming into our buildings and auditorium to get to know Jesus Christ and have an intimate, personal relationship with Him. Thanks to all who serve and show the love of Christ to a lost and hurting world; without people like YOU making me and my family feel welcomed and doing what you with such excellence, I would have never fallen in love with my Jesus.

#JesusInEverything, Especially #ChurchPeople

(Thanks to Jessi Holland for the idea!)