“Is it okay to be an imperfect messy Christian?
Can Jesus use flawed and broken people to further His kingdom?
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Welcome home! I'm Leigh Mackenzie.

Looking for biblical answers to hard faith questions about trauma? Wanna know you’re not alone, there’s hope, help, and healing & more from someone who’s been there and made it out alive? Keep reading…

“Putting Lipstick on a Pig Doesn’t Make Her a Lady. While I May Have Been Doing All the Right Things I Saw Others Doing To Be A “Good Christian Woman,” I Couldn’t Heal What Was Broken and Hiding Within Me.

So, I Developed a Veneer, a Mask. Before I Realized It, I Became a Plastic Princess.”

The Podcast

 This vulnerable, transparent podcast documentary coincides with the She Seems So Normal book written and narrated by former megachurch biblical sermon researcher, PureFlix Top Mommy Blogger, and magazine/devotional writer, Author Leigh Mackenzie (formerly “The Church Girl Writes”).

Talking about hard, real issues with a biblical perspective.
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"She Seems So Normal"

In She Seems So Normal: Shatter the Plastic Princess, Embrace Authentic Faith, Author Leigh Mackenzie Draws from Scriptural Expertise as a Former Bible Research Assistant for Megachurch Preachers and Personal Experience as a Childhood S-xual @buse (CSA) Survivor to Speak Openly and Courageously About Predatory Grooming, PTSD and Anxiety Coping Strategies, Prayer and Accountability, Psychological Therapy, and How To Biblically Reconcile and Heal Trauma Experiences.

Suic1de Prevention and Abuse Reporting

Your life matters. YOU matter.
If you are considering permanent solutions to temporary problems, please contact the National Su1cide and Crisis Hotline at 988 or please visit your closest emergency room for help.
If you or someone you know is struggling with abuse, please contact the National S-xual Assault Hotline by calling 1-800-656-4673.

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