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"She Seems So Normal"

In She Seems So Normal: Shatter the Plastic Princess, Embrace Authentic Faith (Brookstone Creative Group, 2022), author Leigh Mackenzie draws from scriptural expertise as a former Bible research assistant for megachurch preachers and her personal experiences as a childhood sexual abuse (CSA) survivor to speak openly and courageously about predatory grooming, PTSD and anxiety coping mechanisms, prayer and accountability support, psychological therapy, and how to biblically reconcile and heal our trauma experiences.

FACTS About Sexual Abuse in America:

According to RAINN, every 68 seconds an American is sexually assaulted and those aged 12-34 have the highest likelihood. . That’s 1 in 6 women…
Research shows that 1 in 10 children will become a victim of sexual assault before the age of 18.
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She Seems So Normal Will Inspire Readers To:


Jesus heals our emotional, spiritual, physical, and relational brokenness.


Survivors, their families, and trauma supporters to use every resource available to move forward in healing.


Messy stories of Church people to point them to the Savior.


Existing views on mental health and healing as Christians.


One another with a practical coping mechanisms toolbox for PTSD, anxiety, and depression along with de-escalation techniques through books or online resources.