The healing hope of Leigh Mackenzie is contagious in every way. So many trauma survivors carry around an invisible weight that is rarely seen. With brave and beautiful boldness, Leigh’s vulnerability lets us see her story of how she found new freedom in Jesus. She Seems So Normal is a powerful memoir providing a compass to anyone looking for real transformation.

Jeanne Stevens
Founding Lead Pastors, Soul City Church, Author, What’s Here Now?

Leigh Mackenzie is a courageous and energetic writer with a personal story of shattering and redemption. She Seems So Normal pulses with raw honesty and unrelenting hope. This book is a brain-changer for anyone dragged down by past pain, shame, and trauma.

Randy Petersen
Co-author, The One-Year Book of Women in Christian History.

Read this book. Give it to a fellow struggler. Face your own brokenness with faith. God’s grace is available; Leigh’s story is a glorious testimony to this fact.

Alvin Reid, Ph.D
Author of Sharing Jesus {without freaking out}: the Way You Were Born to Do It.

For therapists, counselors, and mentors, this book gives an inside glimpse of what might be going on for those you are trying to help.  Leigh also offers specific tools, strategies, and Biblical references for helping your clients of faith.

Dr. Michele Novotni, Ph. D.
Co-author Angry with God

Leigh’s captivating story is a powerful example of how EMDR therapy can help the mind and body process traumatic events in order to reconcile past trauma. As in Leigh’s story, EMDR can lead us to a deep “mind-body-spirit” healing. I plan to use her book as a resource to support other trauma survivors through their journey, to help instill a message of hope for healing and a testimony to the healing that can occur with EMDR. It is also important to note that FAITH can be a powerful tool in recovery, and can be paired with EMDR or any modality to heal from the past. Leigh’s story is a perfect example of this.

Tara Krueger, LCSW / CCTP II

To be human, someone said, is to be in trouble. We, fallen creatures, face brokenness in our lives in our world, but too rarely do we square up to look it in the eye. My dear friend Leigh Mackenzie does just that in this riveting and encouraging book. She bares her soul and tells her story in a way that helps us to see the brokenness in our world. But she also helps us to choose to face our own brokenness, to seek the Lord and enlist the help of others, and to push through the darkness to see the light.


It means so much to me to see someone with “a story” doing the things and having a beautiful family and life. It shows me it is possible to get to a real healed/healing point.


Hi, I want to thank you for your podcast, it has helped me in many ways I can’t even explain in words right now, not really. But it’s helped me to start to move from being stuck and defeated, so I have no clue but, it’s better, I just know that. My story is, it’s similar to some of yours. Thank you for being brave, for learning and growing, and for sharing all that you do, it’s quite helpful and a safe spot to listen to someone who is further along on this journey to healing.

Podcast listener

She Seems So Normal” is a culmination of prayer, counseling, therapy, and many lunches together!!! Leigh bravely took off her crown and taught me about facing fears, speaking the truth to power, and praying for specific mental health issues. She tells her story with grace, humor, and strength.

As a pastor’s wife, “She Seems So Normal” is a phrase to embrace, a prayer to pray, and an awesome book to read!

Allison Harris
The Crossing Church