Book Endorsements

Author Francine Rivers

Harrowing to read at times, but also very healing – filled with instruction and encouragement. Even in the darkest times of our lives, God never lets go.

Eulalia King

In excruciating honesty, Leigh Mackenzie exposes the deception of perfectionism in the body of Christ that threatens to rob the American church of the authentic, inexhaustible power of the Gospel to transform our broken souls into the wholeness Jesus lives to give. This work is profound.

Dr. Debbie Reed, Ph.D.

As someone who works with traumatized children and their families, Leigh’s bravery in honestly sharing the painful journey toward healing will serve as a beacon to many grappling with traumatic histories. Equally important, her clear testimony that a deep and abiding faith doesn’t necessarily make the journey easy, but it does make it possible, is …

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Jerry Harris

Churches and Christians are called to spiritual warfare… battles for the souls of lost and broken children who desperately need to discover who they truly are in Christ.  We are all broken at some level, needing to be fought for and then to fight for others.  Leigh Mackenzie chronicles her brokenness and the battles she …

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Martha Brune Rapp, D.Min.

She Seems So Normal is a story of death and resurrection. With enormous courage, candor and grace, Leigh Mackenzie offers readers a rare first-person account of life in the unquenchable hell of Child Sexual Abuse and her struggle to escape its fiery pit. Her powerful words show us how Jesus—the Word of self-sacrificing Love made …

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Ciji Wagner

In a world where survivors are often silenced, Leigh Mackenzie bravely stands up to proclaim that her voice will be heard. Her raw vulnerability shines a light on the truth that every story matters, even when those stories feel too messy or painful to share. Revealing the mysteries behind true healing, She Seems so Normal …

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Cara R. Johnson, MSW, Psy.D.

As a psychologist who specializes in therapy for traumatized children and adults, I found Leigh’s descriptions of the lessons she learned so sound and practical that I will be recommending her book to my clients as a companion for my therapy work. The Bible verses she shares caused me to learn and see things in …

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Karen Dennis

With extreme honesty, clarity, and humility, She Seems So Normal is profoundly relatable. Leigh vulnerably ends the narrative by wrapping up God’s healing power and restoration in a ribbon of love. There is RESOLUTION! Childhood demons were addressed openly, honestly, and vanquished!!!! I actually thought to myself – “Praise God! This book has an ENDING!” …

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Jeanne Stevens

The healing hope of Leigh Mackenzie is contagious in every way. So many trauma survivors carry around an invisible weight that is rarely seen. With brave and beautiful boldness, Leigh’s vulnerability lets us see her story of how she found new freedom in Jesus. She Seems So Normal is a powerful memoir providing a compass …

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